With the rapid growing of communications and World Wide Web, internet has been slowly but firmly becoming part of our life. Almost every aspect of our life is connected to the internet. You surf for information, you surf for entertainment, you shop through surfing, you communicate works and keep in touch with friends and etc. Everything you do online has relation with web hosting as it is the foundation of all online activities.

What is web hosting?

So what is web hosting? Pretty simple. Imagine your computer, it has 웹하드  motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive and etc. Web hosting is like your hard drive, a storing space hosted in a computer. But this computer is slightly different with your home PC but generally it has the same hardware only differ in term of the performance and function. They call it server computer. In short, web hosting is a storing space in a server computer which is connected to the internet. Therefore everything hosted there can be accessed by any internet user around the world.

Why should I care about web hosting?

In fact you do not need to care much about web hosting but your email account, blogs, credit card transactions and all other online activities need it to survive. Can you not care about it? Anyway, what I want to share here is the power of webhosting. With the popularity of internet, everybody wants to have their own hosting for various reasons. It will someday become a commodity like your cellular phone. You probably want to use it for your personal blog, or a personal platform to to get in touch with people, or even a remote hard drive that back up data from your home PC.