Iceberg roses are one of the most popular rose varieties. Some people associate the term “iceberg” with lettuce however; these varieties of roses achieved their name due to the winter hardiness they contain. These plants produce fragrant blooms and are most attractive when complimented with appealing foliage.

The Original

This variety has roots from Deutschland (Germany) that contains white, fragrant blooms. This rose is known for its disease resistance, which makes for its carefree and easy maintenance. In addition, this beautiful plant is worth all Spedition Deutschland the time and effort you dedicate to it.


This variety has roots from England and is very hardy while producing white, fragrant blooms. One setback for some gardening enthusiasts is that this rose can only be grown on old wood, which is why one must be careful when pruning the Climbing varieties. The key is to not prune the rose for two years until the young canes have acquired some length. If you find this standard difficult, then only prune these climbing roses sparingly.