Why Social Media Visitors Can’t Cope And Simply Leave Content Creation To The Experts


Creativity, it seems, is not in the realm of the majority of social media users, who feel “content” to just sit back and absorb rather than engage profitably. Social media users assume the role of wallflower when it comes to the provision of information online.    Social Media Visitors   Content creation is just not up their street as it were and even though the amount of interest in the Internet is increasing, the number of people who actually contribute content is not.

Content creation, it appears, is beyond the capability of most people. Well known online researcher Forrester conducted a comprehensive survey throughout the Asia-Pacific region, North America and Europe. The findings concluded that while interest in social media and the Internet is moving forward at a considerable pace, the number of people who are engaging in content creation has actually started to shrink.

For those who study social media, this kind of conclusion is not surprising. It has long been said that a majority are passive and not proactive. Just look at Twitter. Only 10% of those who sign on for accounts actually become involved in the creation of content, with fully 90% of the members either losing interest or fading away completely after a short space of time.

When you consider the fact that the Internet is based on information and content creation, the statistics are quite interesting and eye-opening. After all, if fresh, focused and updated information was not available, the Internet would only be a static medium and would not have grown to be such a dominant force in our lives. It appears, therefore that the majority of people who interact with social media sites are fully content to leave content creation to the experts and merely await information to be provided.

Is it the fact that content creation is too difficult for the majority, or can we use this evidence to point to the general demise of online engagement as an activity? It seems more sensible to conclude that most people don’t have that certain type of mindset needed and a thirst to provide specific and focused content. After all, through the ages the majority of information has always been provided by a minority of content creation writers and experts.

Blogging has grown to be a potent force in its own right over the last few years, as more and more people register and start to create their own piece of cyberspace. Software and tools have become far more widespread and platforms such as WordPress more intuitive. While it may be relatively easy to create a blog, most people still tend to flounder when it comes to the actual content creation itself on a regular basis.