Wooden Ship Models – A Collector’s Delight!  

Ship modeling is a hobby and enterprise pursued by many, especially those who have a passion for ships and
the sea. The deep blue sea is the ultimate inspiration for a lot of people who would give anything for a sailing experience that would be a life time memory. There are some who dream of the intricate architectural wonder of ancient wooden ships that sailed the seas   hans wegner

   with majestic grace. Wooden ship models are the closest one can get to fulfilling one’s dreams of touching ships that sailed the seas in the distant past, in another era. Ship modelers get thousands of people started on their hobby of collecting ship models not only by supplying models on order but also by offering build-it-yourself models that can be put together with the help of tool kits.

Wooden ship models are in great demand because of their extraordinary elegance, old world charm and stately grace. Built to scale representations of modern as well as ancient sea faring vessels, they are a collector’s delight because of the pride of possession attached to them and also because of the fact that they represent an age of splendor, performance and historical significance. The result is reflected in accurately researched, finely detailed state of the art models created by expert architects and technicians.

Stringent quality control and adherence to tradition and historical records ensure that the quality of the models is never compromised.

When constructing a wooden ship model there are scores of vessels to choose from, right from yachts, boats, clipper ships, windjammers and historical warships to modern day designer vessels. All the parts necessary to build these fine ship models can be readily obtained, together with detailed plans and information. Since every detail of the original ship is known and is available to the modelers, the models can be built with the help of scaled drawings, tools, finishing supplies and books that are provided by them.